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Welcome to the website of Icelandic Radio Amateurs, ÍRA.

To celebrate the 70th anniversary of Icelandic radio amateurs (IRA) in 2016 the Post and Telecom Administration (PTA) has authorized all TF stations use the prefix TF70 in 2016. As an example TF3IRA can operate as TF70IRA. IRA the national society was founded August 14th 1946.


The association of Icelandic Radio Amateurs, ÍRA, was founded in 1946. The ÍRA functions equally as a radio club and as a national IARU / IARU Region 1 / NRAU radio amateur association. In Icelandic regulation for radio amateurs, the ÍRA is given an official advisory role and liaison, between Icelandic licensees and the Post and Telecommunication Administration in Iceland, PTA.


Maintaining a close relationship with the PTA is one of ÍRA's highest priorities. Among tangible results are:

  • Joint semi-annual to annual meetings between ÍRA and the PTA, discussing amateur radio issues.
  • Now for decades ÍRA has composed and conducted amateur radio examinations in Iceland on behalf of the PTA.
  • Secondary privileges on the following bands: (1) 5.260-5.410 MHz; (2) 70.000-70.200 MHz; and (3) 1850-1900 kHz (in certain international contests).
  • Exchange of notes between ÍRA and the PTA prior to the WRC-2012 conference, in which support of the Icelandic delegation was secured for the 472-479 kHz new band segment at the conference. Icelandic radio amateurs received the new band on January 16, 2013.


As member of the IARU / IARU Region 1 / NRAU, ÍRA seeks to be as active in the international radio amateur arena as possible for such a small society of limited means.


To mention but a few of the local national society activities:

  • Of major importance is our magazine, CQ TF, which is published quarterly.
  • By the same token, the society's web page ( is actively maintained in order to fulfill the members' need for the latest amateur radio news.
  • Amateur radio courses and examinations are given 1-2 times per annum.
  • ÍRA established for the first time an EMC committee in 2011. The committee will seek a close relationship with specialized bodies of other national societies and the EMC coordinator.
  • ÍRA was the 2nd society in the world to translate and publish ON4UN's "Ethics and Operating Procedures for the Radio Amateur" in 2009. The publication was (and continues to be) distributed free to members.
  • QSL Bureau.


A few of the club activities are:

  • Our headquarters in Reykjavík are open to our members and those interested in amateur radio, once a week. Facilities are provided to sit down with a cup of coffee and look at the latest amateur radio magazines. Many also bring their outgoing QSL cards and check for incoming cards, as the IRA QSL Bureau is located there.
  • Our club station TF3IRA is QRV on HF, VHF and UHF (including satellites) and is open to licensed members, and in weekends for activating the station in international contests. Also run in contests as TF3W.
  • The society offers an ambitious program of lectures and seminars that are given each year from February to May and from October to December. The total number of such events exceeds 40 per annum.
  • ÍRA owns and runs VHF repeaters in around the country and has an APRS digi-peater located at its headquarters in Reykjavík.
  • The society sponsors a TF Field day which is held annually in early August. This event first took place in 1979. A separate annual VHF field day was started in July, 2012.
  • For a number of years the society has actively supported participation in the annual International Lighthouse Lightship Weekend.
  • The Society supports CW code practice transmissions that are offered three days a week on 80 meters.
  • A new activity for 2013 is a code proficiency test, to be offered twice a year.


6. VHF repeaters

See "Repeaters and frequencies" for further information.

Reykjavík (the capital): TF3RPC (1)

Bláfjöll (mountain, near Reykjavík): TF1RPB (2)

Skálafell (mountain, near Reykjavík): TF3RPA

Búrfell (mountain, east from Reykjavík): TF1RPE

Garðskagi (near Keflavík International Airport): TF8RPH (3)

Akureyri (in the north of Iceland): TF5RPD

(1) Not QRV as of February 14, 2013 due to construction on the site.
(2) Tone access needed as of September 9, 2012; CTCSS 88,5 Hz.
(3) Not QRV as of September 9, 2012 due to lack of equipment.

7. Beacon on 6 meters

Beacon TF1SIX QRG 50.057 MHz is QRV from locator: HP94sc.

An EchoLink, is run by TF3GW in Reykjavík on QRG 145.325 MHz, node number: 283634.

9. Local calling frequencies

2 meters FM on 145.500 MHz

70 cm FM on 433.500 MHz

80 meters SSB on 3637 kHz

80 meters Morse on 3640 kHz

at 21:00 most evenings


10. APRS

An APRS interest group runs 144.800 APRS at four sites in and around Reykjavik, further development of the APRS is planned

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